Experienced and specialized medical team

Excellent service is the core of Baan Lalisa. In addition to the nursing team, who closely monitor all clients 24 hours a day, Baan Lalisa also has a specialized team of doctors to visit patients for daily checkup and assessment.

Facilities and accommodations

Our rooms are luxury, comfortable, and designed specially for elderly and post-operative patients. Our ground are full of trees and green areas to provide relaxation and clean air for our clients. We have a private lake and mountain views, as well as facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, library, living room, restaurant and spa.

Special program for retirees

To ensure good quality of life in our center we have many different activities to create bonds among members in our center as well as activities that promotes physical and mental health. Among of these are yoga, cooking class, music night, dancing, movie night

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center

At Bann Lalisa, we have a fully equipped rehab physical rehab center, which is staffed by experienced physicians and doctors. Not only that, we have additional services, such as acupuncture, aqua therapy, TMS (magnetic stimulation) therapy for in-patient and out-patient clients.

Neuro and Spine Clinic

Our specialized clinic offer treatment programs for stroke and post-operative patients. We incorporate the most up-to-date treatment methods along with medical innovations such as TMS magnetic stimulation, laser therapy, and stem cell therapy, so that our patients achieve the best result for their recoveries.

TMS therapy

TMS is a cutting-edge technology, which Bann Lalisa is an expert in and renown for. We are the first rehab center in Chiang Mai that brings TMS or magnetic stimulation to treat patients with stroke and spinal cord injuries.