Frequently asked uestions

The standard room is fully furnished and equipped with bed, bathroom, A/C. The room is completely ready to move in.

Bann Lalisa is the most well known project of a fully integrated healthcare in Northern Chiangmai. We offer patients higher-quality, more efficient care with selectedly high-quality home care equipments that better meets the elderlyʼs needs.

There will be an installed emergency button located in the bathroom. You will be provided a wireles waterproof help button. Once you press the alarm, it will send an alarm signal to the emergency control room. When the alarm is received, you are located by GPS or by our indoor positioning system. Then the closest and most appropriate security assistance is dispatched immediately to your location.

The maintenance fee is rated by square meter, 35 baht per m2. This includes: Basic expense for 24- hour elderly care assistance by our experienced team of caregivers and in case of emergency. Transportation services fee. Utility bills. Security Guard Services fee. Maintenance services fee. Solid waste services fee within the property area. Gardening and pest control services.

Yes. All our facilities offer access to our wireless internet services and landline phone.

We offer comprehensive range of facilities and amenities as follows: Doorways and hallways meet the accessibility standard. All room is designed with no steps to minimize fall risks. We feature accessible rooms with a wide space which allows you circulate through your bedroom and bathroom. Handrails are installed in hallways and bathrooms to prevent elderly from falling. Ramps and sloped pathways for wheelchair accessibility are presented around the property area. Floor design in bathrooms with R12 tiles, Non-slip floor tiles which reduce fall injuries. Accessibility toilets and bathrooms are designed to accommodate people with disabilities and wheelchair users. Bathroom emergency call button, a panic button designed to allow a patient to call for help if emergency.

The residents at Bann Lalisa are treated by the highest standards of care in a safe, secure setting by a dedicated, qualified and highly trained 24-hour emergency care services team. All rooms and facilities are installed with high security alarm system. Each building and elevator has a controlled access by using a key card. We provide security officers and video surveillance all 24 hours on the premises. Smoke detectors are installed and powered by a central fire alarm system.

Yes, this is possible, along with a contract addendum.

We emphasise in giving the best health services, including primary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We provide individual care planning for each patient starting from the first day. Our health services include three major factors:
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Social Health

Our guest service representative will welcome you with the information, ensure all procedure of the establishment is a positive one and make your stay enjoyable at most. Our main goal is to focus on making residents immediately comfortable, physically and emotionally.

Average costs per month: Maintenance fee appr 1,000 bath Housing fee including electricity, water and meals appr 15,000 bath. Additional personal expense differs from each needs and lifestyle, for example medicine, special treatment care or other recreation.

Yes, they are welcome to join your stay over a short period.

You can join us and do things as much as you desire. Our recreational therapist will be ready to provide you a variety of activities both indoor and outdoor. Several fun and engaging activities, such as games, gardening, cooking, art painting, pet therapy, water gym, crafts or even music therapy. These activities are designed to keep you engaged and entertained and the most benefit is to keep your mind sharp, bodies strong, and spirits high.

Our clubhouse has a full range of leisure and social facilities such as swimming pool, spa corner, gym, game room, craft room, library, complimentary high speed Wifi access and mental health programs.

Gym, swimming pool, game room, kraft and art room, home theater, karaoke lounge, meditation room and first aid room.

Organic garden, children playground, cycle track, the lake pavilion, courtyard, flagstone patio therapy and tranquil lakeside.

We welcome everybody at most.

Yes, they are welcome to join your stay. An extra charge will be applied in this case.

Our concierge offers a very personal service around your lifestyle, running on the most basic and coordinate your errands such as laundry services, housekeeping, transportation booking, reservation service and event planner.

Our repair service will be assisting you in such case.

In case of foreign spouse, a retirement visa can be acquired at the Royal Thai Embassy in his/her country. The requirement for a retirement visa is 65,000 baht per month or savings of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account. A retirement visa is a yearly extension and is renewed every year without you having to return to your home country.

In the first year, we shall be the Board of Committee of the residential juristic person.